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About the company:

ButcherBox delivers 100% pasture raised, grass-fed & finished beef, organic chicken, and heritage breed pork directly to your door. We are a fast paced, high growth startup headquartered in Cambridge, MA.

Our founder was first introduced to 100% grass-fed beef through a local farmer who sold ¼ and ½ shares of cattle. After trying it, he was instantly hooked. He preferred the more natural taste and was thrilled to discover the many health advantages grass-fed beef has over ordinary grain-fed beef. So his question became, “why isn’t everyone eating this?”

After doing some research, he discovered that not everyone has access to grass-fed beef, and even if people have access, their selection is often limited to just ground beef. This helps explain why just 1% of the total beef consumed in the United States is 100% pasture raised grass-fed. While the Company began by offering beef to our members, we have since expanded to providing organic chicken and heritage breed pork.

We believe in and are relentlessly working to create an ever healthier food system where everyone has access to meat the way Nature intended: grass fed, free of antibiotics and hormones, and humanely raised on open pasture.

ButcherBox exists to ensure that access to high-quality meat you can trust is easy and affordable. We provide better meat for a better you.

About the position:

We’re looking for an experienced Software Engineer with proficiency in PHP (experience in Laravel, at least 5.0, would be a fantastic quality!) and a strong grasp of the acronyms OOP, SOLID, SRP, what they stand for & what they mean, and and how to build software according to said principles, all the while documenting their code, not only in-line, but also in standalone documentation. The candidate should also have strong communication skills, including the all-important one of asking questions and providing answers, to both fellow engineers & leadership but also business stakeholders and domain experts. Your day-to-day would consist of building out functionality according to our internal design standards while bringing your experiences to bear.

We’re a startup transitioning out of the quick-like-a-bunny development mindset to a more concentrated and structured development shop.

We just recently built, and successfully deployed, a new subscriptions platform which provides the underpinning for

We’re an industry-standards based shop: BitBucket source control, CI/CD implementation, git from the command line, PHPStorm, AWS infrastructure, having light-switch raves, many other buzzwordish technology integrations & implementations, and others too wonderful to describe (unless you’ve signed a NDA :) ).

We’re agile, insofar in that we pivot as required to meet daily internal customer needs, while maintaining weekly progress to meet goals & needs determined by the internal software team, led in part by the Platform Architect, on a weekly release basis.

This role reports to the Technical Lead.

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